Oppo Ulike 2 Goes on Sale in China



The Oppo FInd 5 is not the only device under Oppo’s arsenal that make the manufacturer proud. There’s another smartphone under its portfolio that has just hit Chinese shelves, and that’s the Oppo Ulike 2, the woman-centric smartphone. It’s being sold for $370, and it aims for the feminine audience. That’s why some of the tech enthusiasts won’t get so enthusiastic about this particular smartphone, but the problem doesn’t lie in the design of the device. It’s the fact that it lies in the mid-range by the specs, and in the high-end by the price. The specs include a 4,5 inch display of qHD resolution, 16GB storage, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and 5MP front camera, and with such aggressive competition, it’s foolish to put a price like that on a mid-end device.

But that’s not what this phone is all about. It’s its 5MP front camera features that capture the attention. Such a front-facing camera the world has never seen before, and it’s not just the number of pixels that counts. The camera application itself offers many beautification filters, including face skinning and skin whitening, all in favor of the ladies, which this smartphone is intended for.

This is just another example of a smartphone where uniqueness and difference counts, not just the specs sheet. We are eager to see how Oppo Ulike 2┬áprogresses, and how it’s adopted by the buyers.

Source: Engadget