Daily Android Game: Pudding Monsters



Pudding Monsters is the next puzzle game on the Google Play Store. Or, maybe more than that, much more! Created from ZeptoLab, it carries the same magic that made Cut The Rope popular back in the day and delivers an outstanding experience that will be surely loved by the audience.


Pudding Monsters, as it is mentioned above, is a puzzle game with an unique style. You basically need to stick all of the monsters on the board to finish a level. Depending of the surface the final monster lies on, you are either given 1, 2, 3 or no stars whatsoever. It is a nice concept, we have encountered little games of the same type on the Google Play Store. And, if you ever get stuck on a level, there are always the mushroom boosts, that will fill up the board with monsters and therefore grant you a three-star win.