Full HD ZTE Grand S press image leaks ahead of CES 2013


ZTE Grand S thinnest 1080p Android device

At the biggest Asian electronics trade fair held in Beijing this September, Chinese manufacturer ZTE showcased for the first time a huge 5 inch dual-SIM phablet — ZTE V8309 touted as the GALAXY Note II killer, however its specs were a big let down.

We know ZTE is going to unveil Grand S, a 5 inch Android device sporting a 1080p screen early next year at CES 2013 in Las Vegas which could replace the V83000 on the 5 inch segment or who knows, maybe ZTE has plans for more than one device with a huge display (V8300 could launch only in Asia as it is a dual-SIM and we know domestic market craves for dual-SIM devices).

A sketch of the ZTE Grand S has been shared on ZTE‘s official account on Sina Weibo (the equivalent of Twitter for China).


Whether there will be one or two such devices, I guess we will find out in January during CES 2013 just make sure to follow our reports.

source Sina Weibo via Engadget


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