Sony Xperia Yuga Will Be Called Xperia Z


sony xperia yuga prototypeSony’s much-rumored device, formerly known as Xperia Yuga, has been the star of the season. Wait, did we say formerly known as Xperia Yuga? Yes, because the last information we got suggests the device will be called Sony Xperia Z. That’s more logical, as Sony’s current naming scheme is alphabet letters.

Other thing that’s interesting is that the Xperia Z will be dust-proof and waterproof, much like Xperia acro S and Xperia V. Its screen will feature OptiContrast technology, which is currently found in Sony TVs, that should improve the contrast and viewing angles.

We have a feel that an official announcement from Sony is coming soon. CES 2013 is the perfect place for a device like this, and it’s not that far away.

Source: XperiaBlog