Smart Home Phone Bundled With 7 Inch Tablet From Panasonic Appears


panasonic home smartphoneThere haven’t been much smart home phones in recent time. In fact, there haven’t been any, but that’s going to change, thanks to Panasonic, who is the creator of the first smart home phone. Now you might ask, how this comes to be useful? Because it comes bundled with a 7 inch tablet.

With this duo, you can do everything you can on a normal smartphone, making normal calls, video and voice calls over the internet. You can even read the received fax messages!

The specs of the tablet are not particularly impressive. You get an 800MHz single-core processor, 512MB RAM, 7 inch WVGA display, 1,3MP camera, 4GB on-board storage and a microSD card slot. It runs on the dated Android 2.3 operating system. For the phone, it doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity, but the charging dock does have an Ethernet port, so that would work just fine too.

All of this can be yours from mid-February 2013 for a totally ridiculous price of 43.000 Japanese Yen, which is equal to $512 and €388! In comparison, a brand-new unlocked HTC One S costs $450, and you can get the HTC One X for the same amount of money. Crazy, isn’t it? This phone probably won’t ship outside Japan, but if it even does, there won’t be many of them leaving the stores.

Source: AV Watch