Nexus 4 TV commercials hit youtube



The Nexus 4 is one of the most wished for smartphones at the end of 2012 demand is so high even LG cant cop with the amount of pre-orders,  on Google Play store stock vanishes in a matter of minutes after it goes on sale.

Google and LG launched first couple of TV commercials this week for the Nexus 4 smartphone. In the first clip Google presents Cheri family gathered around the Christmas tree, where using Nexus 4’s “Photo sphere” camera feature is able to capture the whole family members excitement in a 3D panoramic image. In the second clip LG presents Nexus 4 amazing features like Google Now, Android Beam,  Google Maps,  Photo sphere camera function,  Qualcomm quad-core processor, True IPS HD display and its beautiful design wrapped up in a glass housing.