Daily Android Game: Play Tennis



Play Tennis is a fun app and probably the best tennis game for the Android platform. Developed by Clapfoot inc., it carries some DNA code from their famous table tennis game and, with some more optimizations and new environments, it offers an even more enjoyable experience.

Play Tennis offers a quick, easy and intuitive way of playing tennis and takes this game category to a whole new level. There’s not any particular thing to hate about this game: pretty-much everything is intact: great-looking graphics, plenty of different stages, challenging opponents and lifelike physics. It would be a shame to ask for more, though we would certainly appreciate it if the developers included some real tennis stars to play with instead of the offered nationalities. Anyway, it’s not entirely necessary, because it would only make the game more complex and potentially ruin the simpleness that has been achieved.

As far as gameplay goes, the goal in the game is as simple as it gets: there’s a progressive career mode in which you need to battle all of the offered nationality in order to complete it. There are a couple of offered ones and each one is harder than the one before it. Also, to win a match you only need to score three sets before your opponent does. Winning a clear match grants you a three-star win, while the number of sets won by your opponent determines your star count at the end. When the opponent gets three sets, the match is over: it’s as simple as that.


The game‘s user interface is nothing to complain for: ┬áit’s clean and well-organised, just as you would expect from a game developed by Clapfoot inc. There are a couple of menus that directly take you to the point, which is another plus. Overall, a very easy-to-use and cleverly-thought environment.


What we really like about this game is it’s smoothness and overall quality. It can be seen that the developers took some quality time designing it, because it doesn’t fail to deliver what it’s intended to. It’s buttery-smooth and the experience is very solid. The audio effects are also realistic. We’ll say it again: Play Tennis is one of the best tennis games that are currently available on the Play Store, and , despite that, it can be downloaded for free! So, load it and get started!

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