Acer V360 Poses For The Camera



Last week we brought you news about an unidentified Acer Jellybean device, sporting a 1GHz dual-core processor and 4,5 inch qHD display. Today we have images of the alleged device, which reveal some details regarding its design and software.


The phone itself is quite a looker, having sleek curves and red accents on the top and bottom. There are no buttons on the front, which makes the design even more appealing. The back of the device has a nice texture, with the Acer and DTS logos present on it.


As seen on the upper image, the software (Android Jellybean) is lightly customized, even the launcher is stock. Of course, there are some Acer-baked elements, such as some widgets and apps. Everything else is stock Android.


That’s everything we have about this device right now. We’ll keep an eye on news about the Acer V360 floating around the Internet, and as always, will keep you informed.

Source: PhoneArena