Lenovo Officially Releases Lenovo K860i Quad-Core Smartphone



Lenovo has just released the upgraded version of the Lenovo K860, the K860i. It’s pretty much the same phone as its predecessor, which was released in August this year, save for some minor changes.  The processor is the same – quad-core Exynos 4412, but overclocked to 1,6GHz instead of 1,4GHz. Then comes the upgraded RAM and storage – 2GB RAM and 16GB storage versus 1GB and 8GB respectively. The GPS and compass sensors have been replaced with better ones, with improved accuracy. Oh, and there’s the upgraded Android version – 4.1 Jellybean over 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Everything else remains the same.

The Lenovo K860i will be available in China starting 21.12.2012 for about 2000 Yuan, which equals to €240 and $318. This phone gives great bang for the buck, but then again, that’s what is expected in China.

Source: Engadget China