Tegra 4 leak, 72GPU Quad-core CPU



The NVIDIA Tegra 4, codename ‘Wayne‘, of which we’ve been seeing leaked information in late 2011 and throughout 2012 is now pretty much confirmed with this slide leak. The Tegra 4 will be built on the 28 nm process as most chips these days. It will feature NVIDIA‘s 4+1 model, a Quad-core for the heavy tasks, and a 5th core for light tasks and when the device is idle, to save battery. It has support for Dual Channel DDR3 memory, 1440p hardware encoding and decoding, and Advanced Hardware Security Features.

The Tegra 4 has 72 graphic cores, 6 times more than the Tegra 3, which increases performance 5 times. The only thing that is still missing is LTE, for that we’ll have to wait for the ‘Grey’ SoC.

nvidia wayne soc

via MobileGeeks