Jelly Bean firmware build 3.15.651.16 available for the HTC EVO LTE



The Android Jelly Bean operating system is starting to get to more devices much faster than the Android Ice Cream Sandwich ever did. Just ask those that have the HTC Thunderbolt how they feel about waiting months to get the Ice Cream Sandwich software, only to be turned away last week. The Android Jelly Bean update is a nice one and a welcomed upgrade from the Android 4.0 software and is now available on the HTC EVO 4G LTE handset.

Users that own the handset have been reporting that the update is coming to their device manually through the settings area of the phone. Once the update is downloaded, the installation process starts and the Android Jelly Bean operating system is the result. The new firmware build 3.15.651.16 is not a small one so you are going to want to be hooked up to Wi-Fi, unless you have a very nice connection to the unlimited data, have the battery charger handy and plenty of time to get the download going. The download, install and reboot process will take some time, but the end result is well worth it.

sprint htc evo 4g lte firmware build 3.15.651.16