Daily Android App: Make Pixel



Make Pixel is a new, unique and creative way of making art on your Android smartphone. It’s an app which lets you draw pixelated pictures and art with the help of the available tools and your own imagination.

It offers a really neat user interface, where there’s the drawing grid and a set of offered patterns, that, when dragged and placed onto the grid. The variety of available patterns is huge: there are 256 of them! Also, they can be colored in an infinite number of colors and so can be the background.


There are six layers to apply the patterns in, making the process of drawing even easier. There are also some tools, which can be in the upper part of the screen. The settings button is also there, that grants you access to certain options.


After your work of art is done, it can be further saved on your device or shared via a social network. Sending it by email is also possible. The project can be also saved for future use.