Quick Look At Jelly Bean 4.2 Features on the Nexus 7 tablet


New Lock Screen

As always with Android updates, Nexus products get the latest upgrade first. So when our Nexus 7 said it was time to update, I downloaded and started snapping screen shots to show off the new features presented as on my Google Nexus 7.

First off, the most¬†noticeable¬†change is the lock screen.¬†Previously, unless using a third-party lock screen app (like GO Launcher Ex Lock screen, an add-on to their launcher), there was only the clock and date available. Now, you’ll note that you can swipe to the left and there is a large + sign. This allows you to add several other widgets to the lock screen. You can choose between a calendar, inbox from Gmail or the clock. At the moment, these are the only ones from Google, but it appears that some app developers have the ability to make widgets for the lock screen, as I found a widget for Tweetings sitting there.

These are the standard Google widgets available. Developers should be able to add theirs through updates.