EE Offers their first 4G/LTE Android Tablets


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The UK’s first 4G/LTE mobile provider, EE (the combination of Orange and T-Mobile), has announced they are launching their first two Android 4G/LTE Tablets this weekend. They have decided to release two tablets of different sizes, namely the Samsung Note 10.1 and the excellent Google Nexus 7. Both are available, according to reports, from ‘this weekend’, although their website doesn’t yet have them under their 4G tablets page (only the new iPad and iPad Mini appear).

Reports have stated that the prices will be as follows for both devices:

  1. Plans:
  • 3GB/Month = £25.99
  • 5GB/Month = £30.99
  • 8GB/Month = £35.99

And as ever, each device will cost you something for the device itself.

Samsung Note 10.1

  • £99.99 on the expensive plan
  • £199.99 on the mid plan
  • £249.99 on the cheapest plan

Google Nexus 7

  • £29.99 on both the 8 GB and 5 GB plan
  • £49.99 on the 3 GB plan

One last thing to note, the Google Nexus 7 will come with a Mobile Data Hotspot, a Huawei E589 4G. Because the Nexus 7 doesn’t have a radio transmitter (other than WiFi, read our review here), the Huawei Hotspot connects to the 4G network and you connect the Nexus 7 to the Huawei just like any other WiFi hotspot. This will give the added benefit that you also be able to connect any other WiFi device to the Huawei to use 4G speeds when out and about.

Please remember that EE, being still relatively new, is not available nationwide. Currently, only 16 cities in Britain have 4G networks active, with further being added after Christmas. You can use EE‘s coverage checker to see if you are in a 4G area. You can still sign up for an EE plan and will be able to use it as soon as 4G comes to your area, using 3G in the mean time, but at these prices, I’d rather wait till I know I’m well and truly in 4G coverage.