Daily Android App : SwiftKey Flow Beta


Three weeks back, I wrote an article about SwiftKey showing a feature called ‘Flow’ on their site. This feature is basically nothing but a continuous gliding “Swype-like” feature also known as gesture-typing where along with the regular ”hit/touch the key” keyboard, users can slide their fingers across letters to type that particular word.

Nuance, the company behind this successful keyboard app didn’t keep us waiting for long. Last week, they launched the ‘Flow’ feature in Beta (Testing) stage in the form of an app. I have been using it since then. It has all the features which are present in its previous app along with the addition of ‘Flow.’

The highlight of this Beta version of SwiftKey Flow which is the gesture based typing works smoothly. The auto-correction works pretty well. This feature also boasted a  ‘Real-time Prediction’ which as the name suggests, predicts the word before you have finished typing (4 or 5 letters before the end of a particular word.) Speaking of this addition > The real-time prediction does predict the words before you have finished typing them but it is for users to decide if they can call this feature as what the company promises > An “Unrivalled Predictive Power.”

There is also another feature > SwiftKey Flow lets you write an entire sentence without letting your finger go off the screen. It does not work all the time but assuming the app being in Beta, it is quite an innovative feature for starters. They have tag-lined this as ‘Flow Through Space.’

There are also few bugs. There is a little problem in downloading the language packs in some phones. I am sure they will rectify it since the app is only in Beta right now.

Everybody was wondering if this feature will come as an update to the previous SwiftKey app or as a Standalone app. But I can now confirm that it will be an update when it comes out of Beta. SwiftKey tweeted about this to a user.

SwiftKey-An Update

The Beta Version is of course Free to download. It can be downloaded from >HERE< for Smartphones and from >HERE< for Tablets. They definitely welcome feedback and suggestions in the comments down below or on their forum >HERE<