Verizon Pantech Breakout receives major maintenance software update build S8995VWCA55F.BB



Verizon Wireless has announced the new software update build S8995VWCA55F.BB for Pantech Breakout handsets along with a big list of enhancements, fixes and improvements. The new firmware upgrade should start rolling out to customers in the following days, just wait for an upgrade notification OTA (over the air).

Whats new in build S8995VWCA55F.BB:

  • Improved delivery when sending text messages
  • Mobile hotspot warning message has been enabled to advise of unauthorized users trying to access your hotspot
  • Reduced device lockups
  • Memory manager icon has been added to Home screen
  • Memory management improvements have been made to reduce low memory issues:  1) Updated applications in system memory to increase total available user memory; 2)Default value in email account settings has been updated; 3) Clear cache of email attachments for added internal memory
  • Notification implemented when user reaches 30% available memory to begin to delete apps, emails and text messages using the memory manager
  • Low memory notification added for when device has 20% available memory
  • Data Connectivity improvements to address customer complaints and returns for no data connection
  • Multiple improvements made to reduce SD Card issues

source Verizon