Panasonic P-02E 1080p Jellybean Smartphone for NTT DoCoMo Leaks


panasonic device logo

Panasonic has not been bursting with smartphones lately, and they have been available mostly for the Japanese market. Now it is preparing a new smartphone for the new year, and that’s the Panasonic P-02E, which is probably the next generation Eluga.

It has leaked on an unpublished NTT DoCoMo terminal access log, where it also states its anĀ Android 4.1.2 device. It has a 1080p display, which is the trend for high-end smartphones right now. The log didn’t give us much information, therefore the processor, graphic chip and other specifications remain unknown. We place our bets on a quad-core processor, because quad-cores are the only chips currently that can hold a candle to such powerful screen this Panasonic smartphone has.

The device will be heading to NTT DoCoMo once it’s announced, and we don’t know anything about whether it will sail abroad or not. That’s yet to be heard from the manufacturer.