Twice as fast native Facebook App for Android finally on Google Play Store



Yes Folks, today is the day. We’ve been waiting for so long for a Facebook client written in native Android code instead of the previous app built around the HTML5 wrapper. The application isn’t that different from previous versions, but everything is technically different under the hood. “It’s twice as fast when looking at photos and opening up your Timeline, and noticeably quicker to launch,” Facebook engineer, Phillip Fung says.

Facebook focused on improving the “garbage collection,” and switching from Android‘s stock scrolling engine to a custom engine of its own hence making the App buttery smooth. The App doesn’t still use the Android Design Guidelines but that’s a huge leap forward.

The App hasn’t yet been is now published on the Google Play Store but it shall soon arrive in few hours (Later Today)!

The update brings along several improvements like a noticeable performance increase and smoother scrolling. A reduced memory footprint shall also be noticed, that shall be a plus for users owning a device with a low amount of RAM. Nevertheless we thank Facebook for their commitment for developing a native client on the world’s most popular smartphone operating system.

via The Verge