Christmas Special Android Live Wallpapers


The holiday seasons are on and this time, it’s Christmas time! We are eagerly waiting for that moment to come, decorating our homes in the mean time in order to really get to enjoy the ever-lasting experience. The same can be said for our Android smartphones. Every staff member at PocketDroid traditionally searches for the best way to make his phone stand out in terms of looks and customization. In the end, we were able to choose the top 5 live wallpapers that have successfully passed our judgments and have been considered as the best seasoned wallpapers to go along with the Christmas spirit.

Pick 1: 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper


3D Christmas Live Wallpaper is one of our favorite recommendations for this year’s holiday season. It’s a sleek and minimalistic wallpaper and shiny enough in order to make you feel right at home. It presents a countdown to Christmas, New Year’s eve, Chinese New Year and so on. Also, it is highly customizable, though the more exciting options are unlocked when you actually buy them. On the Play Store, this live wallpaper is completely free. Be sure to check it out!

Pick 2: Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper


Snowfall Live Wallpaper lets you enjoy a beautiful landscape of snowfall in a thrilling mountain forest environment. The surrounding is light and relaxing, we often found ourselves just staring at the screen watching the snow fall and the wind shaking the trees. The snowflakes themselves are also nicely designed: there are several different models that randomly appear and are easily blown away by the realistic wind. The physics are also impressively thought out. On the other hand, the free version of this live wallpaper is just short of customization, there’s hardly any type of customization that can be applied. Fortunately, all of the available options can be unlocked by buying the paid version, which is just $0.99 on the Google Play Store.

Pick 3: Christmas HD


Christmas HD is probably the highest-quality live wallpaper on the list. Developed by Dualboot Games, that are popular for developing live wallpapers of great quality, it offers a stunning 3D environment mixed with the decorations that Christmas brings with itself. The amount of customization is huge, just as expected. Interaction with the wallpaper is also on a level of its own and there are many hidden effects to discover. It is also very smooth and battery-friendly. Overall, a very complete package that will cost you just $1.99 on the Google Play Store.

Pick 4: Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper


Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper is a nice add-on for the holiday season. It’s basically a Christmas tree that is highly ornamented, rich of lights and gives your phone a very pleasant feel. It is very colorful indeed, which makes you feel right at home. The colors are pleasant,  the same can be said for the lighting effects. The snowfall in the background makes a nice touch. The only thing left to be resolved is the overall choppiness. Home screen transitions are not smooth, nor is the snowfall itself. Though we haven’t experienced any battery problems, the mentioned choppiness is a flaw that should be resolved in the nearest future. Other than that, this one is a great addition to our set and can be found on the Google Play Store, free of charge.

Pick 5: Christmas 3D Live Wallpaper