Intel Introduces Chip Making Process


We all remember Intel once being the major chip maker for all our computers, but now AMD and Qualcomm hold that position as they’ve taken over the mobile processing market. On Monday, Intel revealed a new way of making chips for mobile devices which it hopes will help to strengthen its position in the very competitive mobile chip market.

Intel has created a process they call ‘TriGatetransistors. This new method consists of threedimensional transistor structures in its chips which it began work on in 2011. Fortunately, this new method will save space, run more efficient, and run faster. However, after over a year’s worth of effort, they have yet to introduce the actual chips into any devices. This Only complicates things more, industry experts debate whether the effort was even worth it at all.

Yet Intel claims that the new 22-nanometer TriGate SoC (system on a chip), will yield 22% to 65% faster processing compared to 32-nanometer versions. A former Intel employee even added that while the advancements in power are meager, it’ll also come at a price since their methods are not very cost-effective. Unfortunately we will all have to wait till the second quarter of next year to find out.

Peter Rohr the Marketing Manager EMEA, Intel Software and Services Group was present on Monday at the Eastern European Mobile Monday Developer Summit in Budapest where he spoke about software optimization for Intel mobile chipsets and future plans.

special thanks goes to Dan Romescu for this interview.