Sharp Develops New Touch Panels


Sharp is one of the main producers of touchscreens for today’s smartphones. Today, on Sharp’s Japanese website was posted that new Sharp touch panels have been developed. The new panels should be more sensitive than the old ones, have higher refresh rates, and could accept more input methods, like a pen or gloves. Here is the full list of specifications:


Application screen size 5-inch 7-inch 20-inch 60-inch
Input method Wear gloves, such as finger pen
Number of multi-touch 5 points 10 points
Scan speed 120Hz 240Hz
Input interface I2C (400kHz) · SPI (4MHz) I2C (400kHz) · SPI (4MHz) · USB
Supply voltage 3.3V
controller IC number
One Two Two Four
Sensor sheet Custom-

As the specs sheet suggests, the new panels are 5 inches, 7 inches, 20 inches and 60 inches. They can be used with pens and gloves. The 5 inch variant recognizes up to 5 simultaneous touches, while the bigger panels can process up to 10 points. The 5 inch panel has a refresh rate of 120Hz, and the other variants have 240Hz scan speed. All of them share the same input interface and voltage. The 5 inch sreen has one touch controller, whereas two are found on the 7 and 20 inch models, and four on the 60 inch panel. Mass production of these panels will start on March 15 2013, and there will be 600.000 panels produced every month.

Source: Sharp