Samsung launches CES 2013 teaser, tells us to “Get Ready”


Consumer Electronics Show is the first major technology traid fair to open a new year, and next year wont be different. CES 2013 will take place between January 8 – 11, in Las Vegas. Samsung Electronics has big plans for this expo which is why the South Korean OEM already released a CES 2013 teaser tipping consumers and tech geeks to “Get ready.”

The teaser trailer offers clues in a split of a second which reveals an image of New York represented by the Statue of Liberty, Sky scrapers and a second city which we couldn’t identify, but we are guessing its Las Vegas. We have no clue what Samsung will bring to CES, it could be the entire Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 line-up and maybe a couple of new Android devices like GALAXY Grand or GALAXY Premier.

Here is the teaser, check it out and tell us if you discover anything else that our eye couldn’t see.


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