Nexus 4 LTE hacked to work on AT&T’s AWS Band 4


You may recall the Nexus 4 saga a while ago, heavily criticized by U.S users for the lack of LTE support. Not so long ago members at XDA Forums managed to partially operate the device on select LTE frequencies but today XDA member checkitonetime managed to have LTE connectivity.

The hack involves using the Galaxy SIII APN on the Nexus 4 effectively allowing him to use the AT&T Band 4 frequency which is unfortunately not widely deployed as the 700MHz band. At this time Band 4 is only available in select markets including Phoenix, Raleigh, San Juan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte. Also Athens, GA and College Station.

The user achieved a maximum download speed of 29.80Mbits & an upload rate of 0.75Mbits with the ‘hacked’ APN.

Nevertheless that proves once again that a little bit of tweaking may indeed achieve partial LTE support although one may at some point manage to enable LTE on all supported bands.


via Android Community