Game Review: Ingress by Niantic Labs


If you’ve been anywhere online, you may have heard of a new craze called Ingress. So what is it? Ingress is an Augmented reality game where you turn real life into a real life struggle for humanity.

It’s still in Beta at the moment, and you have to ask for an invite which you ask for through their website. It does take a little time to get the invite, so bear with them. As you can imagine, they are very busy at the moment. Once you get your email, it has a code which you need to load onto the app which you download from the Play Store.

When you load it, it will start loading and find your location.

Once it finds your location, you will be run through the training missions. You start by learning to pick up XM. XM or Exotic Matter is those little blue glowing dots you see on your screen. Walk towards it and it will gravitate towards you. The more you pick up, the more ‘fuel’ you have. You can pick up your XM where ever you are.

Your next training mission is to hack a portal. A portal is where the XM comes through. By hacking them, you help close them and stop the Enlightenment attack you.

Hack a portal to close them.

You will find portals around your area and you need to close them, or the enlightenment will use them to attack you.

Some time during your training, you will receive a message from the enlightenment. The enlightenment is a separate faction