Daily Android App: ePSXe PlayStation Emulator


Do you remember the good old days, when there weren’t any smartphones around and the only way to enjoy the goodness of gaming was having a console, like the PlayStation? I know I do, and as the time goes by, the will to play the great PSX classics just grows inside me. But, now I don’t have to clean the hell out of my old PlayStation 1 just to play one game, it can be also done on my smartphone with the help of an app coded and designed by the very best in the business: ePSXe for Android!

ePSXe is a PlayStation 1 emulator, basically a port of the highly-successful PS1 emulator for PC, which carries the same name. It’s a brilliant app indeed: it lets you play your favorite classics in a very simple and user-friendly way, without any hiccups or lag whatsoever.

In order to make this app work, firstly, it is needed to download a correct