Daily Android App: ePSXe PlayStation Emulator


Do you remember the good old days, when there weren’t any smartphones around and the only way to enjoy the goodness of gaming was having a console, like the PlayStation? I know I do, and as the time goes by, the will to play the great PSX classics just grows inside me. But, now I don’t have to clean the hell out of my old PlayStation 1 just to play one game, it can be also done on my smartphone with the help of an app coded and designed by the very best in the business: ePSXe for Android!

ePSXe is a PlayStation 1 emulator, basically a port of the highly-successful PS1 emulator for PC, which carries the same name. It’s a brilliant app indeed: it lets you play your favorite classics in a very simple and user-friendly way, without any hiccups or lag whatsoever.

In order to make this app work, firstly, it is needed to download a correct PS1 BIOS. To save you the struggle of searching for it, ePSXe greets you with an pop-up that points a very useful Android app which is used for downloading the BIOS itself.

After setting up the BIOS, it’s time to find a game, place it on the sd card and running it. ePSXe supports image files, such as bin, iso etc.

After everything is done, the time for playing the game has come. The emulator offers on-screen controls and therefore turns your screen into a virtual PlayStation controller. Different key layouts are also supported, such as wireless PS3 controllers as well as assigning keyboard controls if the phone has a QWERTY keyboard. Overall, the buttons are very sensitive and responsive. We have not encountered with a single problem so far, everything had been going on as expected.

The interpretation of the games is on a class of its own. You get original PlayStation graphics while playing your game on sky-high 50-60 frames per second. And that is achieved on a mid-range device, such as my HTC EVO 3D. The sound, however is not a thing you should write home about. It’s often late in the action and, sometimes, too crowded with noise. It hurt our ears to the point of when we needed to turn it off completely. All in all, everything this app offers is completely stunning, except the sound problem, which has to be fixed in the nearest future!

ePSXe is a paid app on the Google Play Store and it costs $3.87.