Daily Android Game: ZENONIA 5


Gamevil has just released the newest installment of their action RPG game that has been a massive success since it’s first launch years ago. Enter the new world of Zenonia 5, an action RPG game, where there are 4 different players with their own story lines. Die-hard Zenonia players, or even casual gamers, would be able to catch up on this one, but let’s just cover the basics.

As soon as you open the game, there’s the familiar main menu. The relatively big number of buttons may cause confusion, but the developers have managed to make the start button recognizable: it’s big and placed in the center of the screen, thus nearly impossible to miss.

In the beginning, you are obligated to choose your character. There are four characters to who you can apply certain customization. The options are limited, but who needs them anyway. We don’t feel it’s a must-have feature, at least for a game of this type. Each of the characters has its own way of fighting and, of course, special attacks.