Camera FV-5 updates with Black and White option


Camera FV-5 is one of the finest camera apps for Android. It’s not big in size and takes incredibly good photos. In fact, Camera FV-5 takes the least noisy pictures, compared to my stock camera and third party apps as Camera ZOOM FX and ProCapture. I can tell, because I’ve tested this.

Today, December 2, Camera FV-5 was updated to a new version adding Black and White photography. This had already been announced on November 30. From today, it’s available at the Google Play Store.

Camera FV-5 comes in a Lite version, with limited picture resolution and in a Pro version (€2,99 / $3,91) that has full options. The home page provides in a manual and tutorials. You even have the chance to get a free copy when you contribute to a proper translation in your language!

links: Camera FV-5 home, Google Play