[Update] Nokia may still be considering Android after all


You may still recall months ago when Nokia hinted at a ‘Plan B’ in case of WP’s failure. Well it happens that history is right, in fact Nokia posted a new job listing on its LinkedIn page for a principle software engineer whose job will be to oversee the development of “embedded Linux device software and hardware drivers for our exciting new products.

Of course Windows Phone fanboys might argue with this, what could it be? A Linux-based operating system from Nokia? Again? But we recall ALL of Nokia‘s home-brewed Linux-based OSes being dead, the case with MeeGo & Meltemi which were both deliberately killed earlier this year leaving millions without hopes of any revival, that sparked a huge amount of controversy that prompted a negative response from fans. There’s also the emerging Tizen OS, another Linux offshoot, but that’s more of a Samsung/Intel party right now and it’d be very weird for Nokia to jump in there.

Going the Android-way being prove to be fruitful especially for a company like Nokia which is in fact still not out of trouble, with rather stagnant Windows Phone sales and mixed reviews from users. If they ever embrace Android they shall have the opportunity to have a ‘wider view’ on the smartphone arena, engaging a fierce battle with Samsung, HTC and Sony.

Some may speculate that NokiaAndroid might be troublesome but Nokia has literally the best hardware out there, the best smartphone cameras (PureView); what they lack is an operating system tailored for their superb smartphones and that is gifted to them in the form of Android.

Gizmodo UK managed to capture Nokia‘s job description:

We are looking for an expert C/C++ & JAVA engineers to develop embedded linux device software and hardware drivers for our exciting new products. The candidate must have knowledge and experience working with mobile phone technology. Strong knowledge of embedded linux drivers and resource optimizations such as scheduler/governor is a must. Experience with network stack, RF driver, display driver, and imaging pipeline are also essential.

You will be a hands-on leader of the team that builds innovative products and services using the latest mobile, imaging, and location technologies. You should have shipped commercial software, great team collaboration skills, and strong communication skills. You should also be passionate for mobile devices, be self-driven and motivated and be adaptable to the ever changing mobile market. You will also be closely involved in architecture, system design and product specification

First off what caught my attention was ‘scheduler/governor‘ – That’s exactly the principle at the core of Android‘s processor management that we can very well see listed in Androids roms and in 3rd party overclocking software.

This could of course hint that Nokia could be aiming to fork Android or possibly produce their own Andrpod-branded flavor, that would leave Nokia’s new Linux expert working on what? Something as boring as a Nokia Maps app for Android? (lol) Our guess is that Nokia may finally be making their first step in the Android kingdom!

What can we expect? An Android-powered Nokia smartphone with Nexus 4-like specifications and PureView technology!

Update: Nokia has officially put an end to Nokia Android rumours, nevertheless we’re still hoping that Nokia embraces Android in the future.

via Gizmodo UK