Daily Android App: Easy Downloader


Easy Downloader is a tool which lets you download various files, documents and media from the internet. It offers a simple and functional interface and a very good download manager that has attracted many users.

This application is a mix of a download manager, file manager and web browser. It basically has it all and though it’s designed to primarily work as a downloader, it’s completely capable of taking care of your files stored on your memory.

The downloader itself is nice and simple. It is organized in two tabs: downloaded files and files that are currently downloading. The first one shows the downloaded files and automatically puts them in different categories regarding of the file type. In the second tab, all of the current download are shown: the download speed, the download progress and some other stats, such as the file’s size.

We’ve mentioned that Easy Downloader has a built-in web browser. It’s a nice and useful feature to have, but we were very bothered by it’s slowness. It’s just too slow to perform decently and there’s even no multi-touch ¬†support. All this results in a poor experience. However, we must admit that we found the browser to be very useful, but we honestly wish that the developers address the stated issues as soon as possible.