Daily Android Game: Basketball Shots 3D (2012)


Basketball Shots 3D is a basketball-shooting game, where you have to shoot 25 ball from 5 different positions in 1 minute and get as higher score as possible. The original game, which carried the same name back in the day, was a  big success and we expect this one to be no less popular.

The concept of the game is simple: it basically simulates the 3 point shootout contest. The goal is to score the most amount of basketballs while keeping your eyes on the timer. As long as it stays under 1 minute, you’re good. But, when it reaches zero, the game is over.

The game is organized in a simple user interface. It has been revamped from the original and carries several improvements. You are now able to choose your own character, customize him and buy many new stages to play on. Apart from that, there’s also a bunch of power-ups which can be also bought from the customize screen.