First CyanogenMod for Nexus 4 released, among other custom ROMs


Remember the day the Nexus 4 got root? Remember we asked what custom ROM would occur, since Android 4.2 provided in many features many custom ROMS have? That people already told to be satisfied with stock Android this way? Some custom ROMs have occurred since. Today, CyanogenMod released a 4.2 build, though being a nightly, after some random third party CM10.1 builds occurred on the internet. The nightly is there for the Nexus 4, to be expected for the Nexus 10 and more devices are to come when CyanogenMod finished merging 4.2.

CM isn’t the first custom ROM for the Nexus 4. There is the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP), which adds features as long pressing the home button for recent appsXylon is a ROM that provided a December bug (even before Google did?).

So, when you’ve hit the F5 button fast enough and aren’t put in back-order, ànd got you’re Nexus 4 delivered, ànd getting bored of stock 4.2 already – here’s your chance. As always, flashing is at your own risk, but also remember: Nexus devices are designed for it.