What Android Phones Rival the iPhone 5?


Many consumers are set on the iPhone when it comes to the end of their existing contract but we shouldn’t ignore the wealth of Android alternatives currently on the market. The Sony Xperia T, the HTC One X, the LG Optimus 4X and the renowned Samsung Galaxy S3 are all worthy of the same stage as the much vaunted iPhone.

The iPhone has an endless list of features that have blazed a trail for others to follow but now it seems that the market may be beginning to level out a tad due to Android pioneers like Sony and Samsung. What’s more, the latter two developers have the larger displays which you may value. Apple seems intent on keeping the iPhone in practical ‘Phone’ territory whilst at the same time being extraordinarily multi-media capable, instead of infringing on tablet territory.

The Sony Xperia T is Sony’s new flagship phone. Design wise, it perhaps has more in common with the old Sony Xperia Arc S made during the now defunct Sony Ericsson partnership, than with its current siblings the XPeria T and U. Its chassis curves beautifully to illustrate its sleek lines; a fantastic design feature that made the Xperia Arc S highly desirable and something of a cult choice. The Xperia T has a large 4.6inch display for surfing, multi-media and gaming and it has an incredible 13MP camera for near tangibly sharp photos. The screen is also powered by Bravia technology to make images even brighter. The Xperia T comes in black or white – many will opt for the black due to its understated elegance when it comes to technology, but the white has a distinctively striking quality. The Sony handset is only 9.4mm thick and also very light so despite the big screen ii is no less transportable.

Sony, Samsung and HTC seem to be leading the way as serious rivals to the iPhone 5 and with the Sony Xperia T being available at around £26 a month on contract phones it could also save you money on the more premium brands.