The Mysterious Samsung Phone That Appeared on NenaMark2 Benchmark is not the Galaxy SIV, but the Galaxy Grand


The news that mentioned a mysterious Samsung device known by the build number GT-i9400 flew through the Internet making a lot of buzz, because logically, the device hiding behind the codename, might be the Samsung Galaxy SIV. If you counted on that one, then we’re sorry that we are going to disappoint you. The benchmarked device looks like it’s the recently leaked Samsung Galaxy Grand, the 5 inch quad-core smartphone. Yup, nothing more than that.

The benchmarks are impressive on their own. The maximum achieved score was incredible 85,3FPS! That’s a score no smartphone has achieved yet, presumably due to the software limits. We’re skeptical about this one, because it looks like a fake from a kilometer, but still, we’ll let this one pass.

If you thought that was it, slow down a little, because we have spotted another mysterious device lurking on NenaMark’s website. It’s the Samsung GT-i9525 we are talking about now, also known as ‘Pegasusq’. The benchmark scores it achieved are also impressive, almost topping the limit at average 59,35FPS. The device has a HD 720p display, a 1,8GHz processor (probably quad-core Exynos 4420) and Mali-400MP GPU. Oh, and it runs on Android 5.0 by the way. Again, this could be easily faked, so take it with a grain of salt.