Meizu MX2 officially announced


Meizu MX2 officially announced

Meizu MX2 officially announced in Asia, specs look interesting.

The glossy-looking Meizu MX2 gets real and announced. Days after we published photos from a Chines source, Meizu has published more news itself. On a beautiful sub-site, Meizu tells all about this MX2.

The design, just like the Chines MIUI M2, looks very similar to Apple’s, but in a far more modern way. On front, there is the 4.4 inch WXGA 1280×800 (377ppi) narrow frame screen. Meizu did a “one of a kind” design on the inner: a one-piece metal cover is to protect the inner components.

Other hardware spec are the already known Samsung MX5S 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 8MP camera (1080p video recording) and 1800 mAh built-in lithium-ion battery. Meizu also points to the independent chips they use for battery management, audio decoding and photographic processing. The MX2 runs Flyme 2.0, a customized version of Jelly Bean. It’s an OS with a full suite of apps and “powerful cloud services”.

The MX2 is designed for the Chinese Asian market and will be launched in December. Build-in languages are Chinese, English and Russian. So, don’t expect it will come to foreign markets that soon.