Huawei D2-5000 FullHD Smartphone Leaks on GLBenchmark


Huwaei is busy ‘getting it right’ lately, and we are sad to say that it’s not going that well for them. Samsung still leads the crowd, ZTE is the ‘king‘ of the Chinese manufacturers, and where’s Huawei? It tried to make an impact by releasing device by device, but they didn’t seem to compete with the most influential Android flagships, the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X. As usual, Huawei has another trick up its sleeve, and it’s known by its codename D2-5000, and will be called Huawei Ascend D2. It dropped by GLBenchmark‘s site, revealing some of its specs. It sports a FullHD display, a 1,5GHz processor, and Android 4.1.2. The rest of specs remain unknown.

The scores it achieved aren’t the best we’ve seen (they are half the Nexus 4 scored), but still, we’re looking at a powerful device over here. We have to admit that we are getting interested about the Huawei Ascend D2.

Source: GLBenchmark