Daily Android Game: Devil’s Attorney


Have you ever wanted to be a lawyer or an attorney, but, for some reason, failed? Feel free not to worry about it, because Devil’s Attorney has just arrived on Android and it gives you a glimpse of the life in the courts in a fun and wacky way.

Max McMann, a defense attorney, is the main character in the game. He has a lot of charm, but lacks moral fiber. His goal is to free all of his clients and collect money that would be spent on apartment decorations, which boosts his ego and gives him new abilities.

In the beginning, you are given some simpler cases to clear, but as you move on, things start to get harder. Not to worry, though, the game offers three levels of difficulty, so everyone should be satisfied with that. There are also three neighborhoods to live in and explore and a huge number of cases and prosecutors to outsmart.

The gameplay is simple and straight to the point. It’s very easy to play and there’s always the tutorial to help you if you ever get stuck on something, somewhere. The user interface is nice, polished and responsive, just like you would expect from a game like this one.

The audio and video effects are nothing less than spectacular! The graphics are on a professional level and so are the sounds and audio. The funny dialogues are always here to make your day and we particularly liked the introduction video, that is simply outstanding.

We were also very fond of the game‘s fluidity and responsiveness. It is very optimized, runs flawlessly and there hasn’t been a single hang or glitch whatsoever. This is a very good example of how an Android game should look like and perform.

So, in the end, are you convinced of getting this one? Please let us know in the comments  section!

Devil’s Attorney is available on the Google Play Store for $2.96.