Samsung demonstrates how the Galaxy SIII was stress tested


You may think that those random destructive drop tests on YouTube may be convincing enough for you to decide the ‘strength’ of a smartphone but chances are that you’re wrong. There is absolutely nothing scientific about those seemingly suggestive videos. What you get is just a guy dropping a device from whatever side at whatever height just to prove their positive or negative points.

Today Samsung shall shut off all those lame ‘reviewers’. The technology giant has recently published a YouTube video (via SamsungTomorrow) showcasing just how much work goes into stress testing its devices. The video isn’t in English, and YouTube’s built-in closed captioning translation system isn’t that great but after watching the video, you may have a newfound respect for your mobile devices (no pun intended).

The video highlights one of Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy SIII, as it goes through some stress tests that prod at the device’s home button more than 200000 times, flex testing, different forms of water-resistance testing.

One of the tests even includes some kind of weird robotic but dressed in jeans and all, sitting on the phone in order to simulate the moments when users sit on their phones while it’s in their back pocket over and over.

Samsung certainly deserves a kudos for that, if your Galaxy S III is still in good shape, thank Samsung’s engineers!

via Android Authority