Weekend Android App: Falcon Pro (BETA) For Twitter


A month ago, I wrote an article about a very unique powerful feature-packed twitter widget called ‘Falcon For Android.’ After its increasing popularity and user demands, the developer has started to progress on a Falcon App known as ‘FALCON PRO For Twitter.’

The search for the perfect Twitter App on Android is never complete if you are an Android Junkie like me. All apps lack some or the other features. This Falcon App has a very refreshing User Interface(UI). The look is clean, simple and elegant. As of right now, it is in BETA (Initial Testing) stage. It only supports core functionalities like Timeline, Mentions, Search Tweets and Favorites now. Other features like Direct Messages, Lists, Trends are still not added.

But the developer is as fast as lightning in removing updates, adding new features and solving bug issues. As some of the Falcon Widget users must be aware, the developer interacts a lot with the users. The Falcon app has received an update almost every day. The incomplete features are now being filled in slowly.

The unique thing about this app is that it consists of an in-built browser exactly like the one present in the Falcon Widget. So no need to get redirected to any other browser. Can’t get simpler than that, can it? There are negatives as well. There are a couple of bugs, small issues that need to be looked at. The look cannot be customized. No different themes available. Also, the real-time notifications work only on WiFi.

This app is compatible with tablets and phones with Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) and above. This app is not on the PlayStore yet. The app being in Beta, is free as of right now but the developer plans to launch it as a paid app for 0.79 euros when it hits the Google Play. You can download the app directly by pressing -> HERE <–

The developer welcomes feedback. It would be great if you leave your opinions on this page -> HERE <-