Google Nexus 4 is Able to Connect to LTE Networks in Canada


By now, everyone knows that the Google Nexus 4 has a disabled LTE chip on-board. Since the chip was discovered, many people have been banging their heads of walls, thinking how to unleash the ‘special power’ of the fresh Nexus device. Now it finally happened. A guy showed his upload and download speeds achieved on his LTE-enabled Nexus 4, and they are pretty darn impressive.

The process of unlocking the LTE capability of your Nexus 4 goes like this: you open the dial pad, enterĀ *#*#4636#*#* and then select the correct network option. This trick should work on LTE band 4 networks (AWS), which are those that Canadian networks Rogers and Telus offer. That said, only Canadian users are able to use the LTE feature, but it may well become available to US subscribers, as T-Mobile plans to introduce a LTE band 4 network of its own in 2013.

Here’s the Google Nexus 4 running on LTE network:

Source: XDA-Developers