HTC says there is still hope for Droid Incredible 2 owners dreaming of Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade


We know that Droid Incredible 2 owners have been waiting for this news for the last couple of months or more, and here it is. In reply to an angry customer asking for the promised Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade HTC said on Twitter: “We’re working on connectivity issues with the software. We’re working on a resolution and we’ll share information as we’re able.

It is obvious that HTC is focusing more on 2012 handsets (since they are not making money out of software updates but rather spend, this is pretty much the same policy for all Asian vendors), leaving behind older devices and with that a lot of angry customers who spent hundreds of dollars. Takes time for people to learn this kind of things, but eventually they will learn, then, maybe then OEMs will have to change the way they treat customers when the sales begin to go downhill.

Cheers folks for sending this tip in!!