Daily Android App: Apollo


If you are an Android power-user, you’ve probably heard of Cyanogenmod and all of the goodness it carries. Among the huge amount of improvement the Cyanogenmod developers have made over┬áthe stock Android OS, they have also included their own music app called Apollo. It is a heavily-modified version of Google’s Play Music application and can be found on almost every Cyanogenmod 9 and 10 ROM. Now, however, it can be installed on every other Android device running on Android 2.3 and up, and all of the thanks go to the developer andrew.neal!

The Apollo music player brings many benefits and improvements over the stock Play Music player. It has a nicer, modified user interface and is dressed in Android‘s usual Holo skin, which can be changed with the help of the numerous skins provided on the Play Store by the developer himself. Namely, your music is organized into several tabs, which sort the songs by name, artist, album or genre. Apollo is also able to download missing artwork from the internet and therefore make your experience even better.

Navigation through the application is very simple: everything can be done with just a few swipes and taps. Also, the song that’s played is presented very nice, with the big artwork picture in the center and play/pause , fast-forward and rewind buttons below it. There are also the usual shuffle and repeat buttons. The search and favorite buttons are on the very top and make a nice touch. Overall, a very simple, but pretty and effective interface.