Beta or no beta Republic Wireless is open for pre-orders with unlimited talk, text & data for just $20 a month


About a year ago some enthusiastic folks calling themselves Republic Wireless were promising unlimited everything on your smartphone for almost $20 a month. Fast forwarding to today the same guys have begun accepting pre-orders for their unlimited plans along with a dual-band DEFY XT smartphone.

To be able to use their own VoiP (Voice over iP) services you will need to have a wireless connection wherever your are, because they are not offering wireless services, however whenever you are in an area without WiFi coverage you will be able to use Sprint cell network (a hybrid experience). They don’t have call centers and no stores. Basically as long as you have internet connection you can talk, text and use as much data as you can use.

The Republic Wireless wants us to be less dependent on 3G/4G connection and use more often wireless which is found pretty much everywhere nowadays. This is the only reason their monthly plan is only $20. The only biggie is that you wont be able to bring your own phone (handset) to the network at least not now.