“Go your own way!” MIUI Open Source Project a fact


Today, sunday November 18, has been a roaring day for all the international MIUI fan sites. After being fed up by the lack of support by the MIUI home base, Xiaomi, China, soon the idea of an independent Open Source MIUI arose. Since this afternoon the idea became an initiative with a strong potential to become true. A web address has already been listed, without content for the time being only: http://openmiui.com/

Now this could become interesting. First of all, the international fan sites have their own resources and are in fact independent. What they need, is the the new code from China, every time the ROM evolves. With OpenMIUI no longer being dependent, they can build their own code and take it to ‘wuthering heights’. They can also build their own community even more than it already is and take advantage of each international fan site. When united, they will be strong.

This could turn MIUI from *that-little-strange-and-Chinese* to a fully respected Android ROM. In the end, the Android end user could have the benefits of this. On the other hand, the mentality MIUI China shows up with, makes clear large foreign markets have a power not te be underestimated. This time it’s about the code of a mobile OS ROM and a particular device running it, next time it could be a bigger issue of more economic importance.