MIUI M2 quality issues cause drop of international conficence


Back a week or two, PocketDroid reported about the quick MIUI M2 sell-out in China. We also wrote that the MIUI M2 is a desirable device, but unfortunately will not be shipped worldwide. So, you might be happy when you got one.┬áToday, MIUIAndroid, the UK MIUI fan site, dropped all confidence by shouting out loud why MIUI is “creating a walled garden OS like Apple.” The main problem seems to be the native Chinese ROM’s binary, that limits port developers to create MIUI port for non-official devices. Another issue is the lack of support for international users. Many other fan sites agreed with MIUIAndroid’s call.

Later this sunday, with several exclamations, MIUIAndroid also discouraged all its followers to buy a MIUI M2 device. The phone has severe hardware problems, such as dead pixels, a yellowish mist on the screen and WiFi problems. These have already been reported on several MIUI fora. Since the MIUI M2 is only sold within China by now, it could however infect the international opinion and future plans for international release.

MIUI has its own place in the Android universe and many followers and enthusiasts. Hopefully it can stay that way, without getting two MIUI camps, a native Chinese and an International MIUI Open Source Project.