Daily Android Game: Arcane Legends


Spacetime studios call themselves the best MMORPG games makers in the mobile industry. But, will they hold that title with the help of their newest game Arcane Legends? Or, will it cost them the crown? Read on to find out.

Arcane Legends is a simple and easy to play MMO game. It offers a nice user interface, good on-screen controls and decent graphics. In the beginning, you are given three characters to choose from, each one with different abilities. You must also choose between three pets that will help you in battles and fights. The customization of the pets and characters is also on a deep level. As you progress through the game, it’s possible to apply more abilities and customizations to your character as well as find new pets. Also, since the gameplay takes place online, you can play side by side with your friends or anyone else.

The graphics, as we mentioned above, are nice, but look a little bit simple and out-dated. The characters and environment are all low-poly models and the shading isn’t impressive at all. But, the character customizations make up for it for the most of the part and you still get a very decent package.

The graphics, are nice, but not spectacular

The user interface is simple, with a joystick on the left of the screen and a big, easy-to-hit attack button on the right, which turns into an interaction button when the character is close enough to an object that can be interacted with. We found this controls very comfortable.

The audio in the game is also nice, but nothing special. You basically get some simple environment sounds and the sounds that the ch