Nexus 4 rooted – but what’s the use?


After the quick and rush sell-out of the Nexus 4 earlier this week, and it getting delivered to its customers, it was just waiting for the news this new Nexus got rooted. Well, that just came in yesterday. So, the Nexus 4 got rooted, but what’s the use?

Normally, one needs to unlock the bootloader and root a device in order to flash a custom recovery and then after a custom ROM. First of all, no custom recoveries have been announced for the Nexus 4 yet and no custom ROMs either. Moreover, on GooglePlus Android geeks discussed the need of a custom ROM for the Nexus 4. Most of the features you should want to flash a custom ROM for, are now part of stock Android in 4.2. Many don’t feel the need to root and are satisfied with a pure, stock Android.

It’s good news the Android world keeps developing and tweaking. With Android 4.2 a whole new world lies open to explore. I wonder how the different most common ROM developers, such as CyanogenMod, MIUI, Codename Android and AOKP (and many others) will anticipate on this.That is the most exciting about this news today.

UPDATE 1 – Today, November 16, on Twitter, ClockworkMod announced the 4.2 recovery builds being queued up. On Google Plus, ClockworkMod developer Koushik Dutta told the Nexus 4 en 10 builds should be ready by the end of the day. The waiting is now for the first custom ROM to flash, that’s to say, if you feel the need.

UPDATE 2 – ROM Manager updated for Android 4.2, Superuser for Android 4.2 available. Read more here.