Nexus 4 back in a live wallpaper app


This is fun. Remember all the pictures of the Nexus 4, all the videos trying to show that pretty shiny back, with all its little fragments? Didn’t get a Nexus 4 finally, after hitting the F5 button for hours, but still wanting it bad? Here is a small gift from the Play Store: an app which lets you load a live wallpaper imagining the Nexus 4 back. Wow.

The app comes from developer Wasibi, who, among some other, also made a Galaxy SIII live wallpaper. It really looks nice, even on the ‘old school’ Nexus One. You can set different colors, size and the animation speed – and all this is free. All you need to do is take the ads for granted, so be careful what you touch when you’re in the settings menu! But first, get it installed and share your thoughts.