Android OS 4.2 JellyBean Features


Along with a range of Nexus devices which Google released online on October 29th, they also updated their Android Operating System to JellyBean 4.2 making the rumour of this Operating System called ‘Key Lime Pie’ false.

It has started to bring a couple of gradual improvements the users requested. The highlights/list of the tweaks Google has added is stated below:


I would blindly put this feature that makes Android different from iOS and Windows OS on top of my list of JellyBean 4.2 features. We all have widgets on our HomeScreens but Google decided to give us the freedom to add widgets on our LockScreens by simply swiping to the left and right of the LockScreen without unlocking the phone.


This feature made famous by Nuance’s ‘Swype’ enables Trace Typing on Android’s Stock Keyboard. Instead of tapping or hitting the keys, users can simply swipe the keys that make the word without lifting their finger. It is not as developed as Swype but it has an exclusive feature which previews the word as the user keeps making the gesture.


It seems Google has taken an oath to make our lives easier. After swiping the notification area down from the right hand side of the bar(On tablets) OR after drawing the notification bar and then tapping the bar once(On mobile platform) enables a wide range of toggles to quickly access certain features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound, brightness, auto-rotation, screen stay or haptic feedback. So now there is no need to go in the settings app for this everytime.

4)      MULTI-USER SUPPORT (Only For Tablets) :

A Android tablet can now be shared with multiple users having their own preferred look. When you switch users, it’s as if you’re switching tablets. Each person gets his/her own set of settings with their choice of HomeScreen widgets, apps and everything else. This feature has unleashed the power of customisation. The old problem of log-in and log-out with every new user is finally solved.

5)      PHOTO-SPHERE :

The Camera app gets a Panorama type feature. It stitches all the images into a larger one > Not only in vertical orientation but in a complete 360 degree angle. This is a fun way to capture some great photographs of your surroundings.

6)      NEW CLOCK APP :

The Clock app gets a re-make. It has a complete new UI. There is a brand new clock offered along with Stop-Watch and a Timer who get a different and an efficient look as well.


There are a wide range of options for blind users added. Screen can be magnified by triple tapping and can also be zoomed with 2 fingers along with few other efficient features.


a)      Expandable Notifications – They are built on the actionable notifications feature, the one which was launched with the JellyBean 4.1 OS. There can be more options performed on tapping the notifications right in the notification bar.

b)      G-Mail App updated – Users can now pinch to zoom and swipe to archive/delete their E-Mails. It also has the feature which enables the whole mail to fit in a single view.

c)      PlayStore Updated – The Google Play now supports artists discovery, an option that suggests you similar artists whose songs you are listening to.

This was an overview of the new features available in JellyBean 4.2 . Google has started to roll this update for its Nexus S and Nexus 7 users. The new LG Nexus 4,32GB Nexus 7(3G) and Nexus 10 will have this OS pre-loaded.