Samsung shows off JellyBean features on the GALAXY S III LTE version [Video]


Samsung Electronics begun the Android 4.1 update in early October on its domestic market, continuing delivering the flavour through the end of October, when Samsung started rolling out JellyBean firmware upgrades to the GALAXY S III LTE (SHV-E210S) model as well.

Europeans have reportedly receiving JellyBean since mid-October on the eastern side of the continent, as well as in the UK, pretty much around the same time. Some unlucky users who didn’t got the update yet, will receive it in December as recent reports reveal, while Samsung Mobile reassured its customers that the deployment of the upgrade will be arriving by 2012 year-end.

Samsung Tomorrow went on the streets last week to check up on SGS3 LTE customers regarding the latest software and also to let them know whats new along with the JB upgrade. One of the most important features that everyone is excited about is the multi-view function which you can see demonstrated in this video over here.

source Samsung Tomorrow via AndroidAuthority