MIUI M2 sells 50,000 batch within three minutes time


On November 13, the Nexus 4 will go on sale.The Nexus 4 has been hot news for months, and one would easily forget about other ‘Android Beasts’. On November 5, the first batch of the MIUI M2 device sold out in less than three minutes. Don’t expect high numbers, the first batch counted 50,000 devices. A second batch of 250,000 devices will go on sale mid November.

You may be very lucky to get one. First of all, you can only pay from a native Chinese bank account and second, Xiaomi will only ship one device to each native Chinese postal address. A Hong Kong based website has the MIUI M2 for per-order for $440, which is $68 off from the original listed price of $508. But these pre-orders might take a while, for MIUI founder and CEO Lei Jun in an interview told MIUI will expectantly expand test markets outside China by the end of this year. You can also read how Lei Jun takes Apple as an inspiration example and how he wants MIUI to grow the next five years.

What about this phone? PocketDroid already posted twice about the MIUI M2, an unboxing and about a review. It’s a MIUI homebranded device with 4.3 inch IPS screen, a 1.5 Qualcomm Quad Core processor, 2GB RAM and a 2000MaH battery. Check the Swiss home site for some beautiful pictures and a very nice video.

Though its international release may come long after November 13, the MIUI M2 still will be a very desirable device.